self discovery bundle

Tap into the power of journaling to know yourself better and find out what’s missing in your life.

Is this you?

Is there a fire within you telling you to take action to get unstuck, but you just don’t know where to begin?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the heck you want in life?

Do you feel like there’s an empty void inside you that you don’t know how to fill?

Meet the Self-Discovery Bundle

The Self-Discovery Bundle is a collection of journaling workbooks designed to help you get unstuck.

This Bundle will take you from I don’t know what I want to creating an actionable plan that’ll take you where you want to go.

If you think a bundle of journaling workbooks can’t help you get out of the rut, think twice…

You see… I firmly believe that you know what you need, what you want, what you’re craving.

You just have to let it out. Uncover your truth.

But that’s easier said than done, right?

Sometimes, it’s easier to stay stuck than pay attention to what your heart’s telling you.


Well, because sometimes, what your soul wants to tell you isn’t easy to hear.

Maybe what you really want is to

  • quit your job and change careers
  • move to a different city
  • leave your abusive relationship
  • start your own business

But even though you know deep inside that’s what you want, you’re:

  • confused
  • scared of making a mistake
  • afraid of how your partner will react

So you won’t admit what you want, not even to yourself.

And that’s exactly what’s keeping you stuck.

No matter how long the journey to that transformation is…

No matter how much money you’ll need to make it happen…

No matter how much help you’ll need…

It all starts with you making the decision to listen to yourself.

Imagine if you could…

Tap into your inner wisdom to uncover the truths hiding inside of you.

Here’s the thing…

The Self-Discovery Bundle won’t tell you what to do.

Nobody can tell you that because you’re the only one who knows what you want and need.

Every answer you’re looking for, everything you wish someone could tell you about yourself or what to do, is already within you.

You just have to let it out.

So now imagine, for a second, if you could get a collection of questions that’ll help you let that truth out.

With over 100 journaling prompts organized by category, the Self-Discovery Bundle is exactly what you need if you’re stuck.

There’s a clear intention behind every single prompt in it.

They’re designed to guide you intuitively from one page to the next while letting all that self-discovery sink in.

With the Self-Discovery Bundle, you’ll dedicate 5-15 minutes a day to yourself.

When you think about it, 15 minutes represent only 1% of your whole day.

But that 1% will create a compound effect that, over time, will lead you to the answers you’re looking for.

With the Bundle’s help, you’ll connect the dots that look so confusing right now.

Over 10,000 people have downloaded aimlief’s journaling tools so far.

Here’s what some of them are saying:

picture happy customer

I love working on my personal development, and I’m one of your biggest fans! I’ve never come across someone like you who offers personal development information and help on a mass scale as you do. Your website is very easy to navigate to find topics I’m looking for help on. Yes, there are other personal development ‘gurus’ out there, but I relate more to you because you’re young, female and you write and present your material in a fun, easy and engaging way. I recently bought your first workbook and I can’t wait to see your new workbook! Thank you, the world needs you! — Aimee Pomeroy

five star review - self discovery bundle

I just wanted to say thank you for your Self-Discovery workbook. It was an eye-opener. I realized what I like the most is creating, especially content, and taking photographs. Because of your workbook, I finally took the leap and started my own blog on photography. I have to thank you a big one. You are amazing. — Melissa Lambert

five star review - self discovery bundle

Thanks for taking time out of your day to write all these tips! I really appreciate it. Before I emailed you, I took the time to research a bit and read a couple of your blog posts. I really liked the journaling prompt idea about self-discovery and so I’m going to try out the journaling challenge! Your blog posts are also very helpful to people like us. I hope you continue doing things you love and helping others! Thanks again. — Jennifer Cotter

five star review - self discovery bundle

Thanks, Maria. I’m enjoying these prompts. They’re very helpful and are giving me insights to how I can improve my life. Thank you so much! Susan Herbert

five star review - self discovery bundle

What you’ll get

The Self-Discovery Bundle is a digital product which means you’ll be able to start working on getting unstuck around 2 minutes after completing your purchase.

No need to wait for a package to arrive.

the covers of all seven workbooks included in the bundle

🌞 94 pages of journaling exercises, separated into seven different themes

📒 Seven journaling workbooks and their corresponding model workbooks that’ll give you ideas on how to fill out your own.

📝 A journaling tool designed by a certified coach (and journaling lover!)

⤵️ This is a digital product. You’ll get your PDF files (Workbook + Model Workbook + Instructions) as soon as you complete your purchase.

You can either answer the prompts in a notebook, print the pages and fill them out, or open them on your iPad (GoodNoted or Notability).

📄 A4 letter size. Use regular size paper to print your workbook if you want, and it’ll turn out perfect.

❣️ Personal License. Yours forever. Print these pages and fill them out whenever you feel stuck and need some self-reflection time.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Self-Discovery Bundle and how each one of them is going to help you:

✏️ Feelings & Thoughts Workbook + Model Workbook:

  • process your feelings in a healthy way
  • practice radical honesty
  • start uncovering what’s on your mind

✏️ Beliefs & Mindset Workbook + Model Workbook:

  • challenge the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck
  • understand what’s holding you back
  • uncover your mental obstacles

✏️ Goals & Dreams Workbook + Model Workbook:

  • get clear about what you want
  • gain clarity and determination
  • feel inspired by your own dreams and goals

✏️ Self-Talk & Self-Confidence Workbook + Model Workbook:

  • expose and challenge your inner critic
  • stop sabotaging yourself
  • boost your confidence

✏️ Fears Workbook + Model Workbook:

  • stop letting your fears make you procrastinate
  • understand what’s holding you back
  • face your fears

✏️ Strengths Workbook + Model Workbook:

  • identify what you’re good at
  • unveil your talents
  • celebrate your strengths to feel proud of yourself

✏️ Routines & Habits Workbook + Model Workbook:

  • gain clarity about how you spend your time
  • replace your bad habits with new, healthier ones
  • design the routine that’ll help you reach your dreams

✏️ EXTRA: Self-Discovery Roadmap. Fill out your workbooks in order, at your own pace, and without getting overwhelmed.

Wanna take a look inside?

page inside the bundle that reads "which of my options fo I dislike?"
The Goals & Dreams workbook, one of the seven included in the Bundle, will help you cut the clutter in your life to uncover what you want.
page inside the bundle that reads "what's something that's benn a lot on mi mind lately? what can i do about it?"
All workbooks have dotted paper to give you the freedom to write while making your handwriting look neat and organized.
page inside the bundle that reads  "how do i feel about my daily routine and habits?"
Here’s how a page of the model workbooks looks like

Hey there, I’m Maria!

photo of maria

In 2019 I realized I didn’t like my life.

What had been cooking inside of me for at least a couple of years finally exploded at that point.

Before that, I didn’t even want to think about how miserable I felt; I just kept going. The show must go on, right?

I realize I waited so long to admit how unhappy I was because pretending everything was okay was easier than asking myself: so, if I don’t want to do this, what do I want to do then?

Long story short, coming clean at the time was one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

Yes, it was tough.

Yes, I cried a lot.

Yes, I felt pathetic.

But it was the starting point of a lot of self-reflection and self-discovery.

Three years after, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

I don’t have it all figured out, but I get closer and closer to my dream life every day.

I’m a proud business owner, I moved to a different country, I’m changing careers, and I’ve dropped all the clients I hated back in the day.

However, I realize I could’ve done this in a shorter amount of time if I had asked myself the right questions instead of rambling inside my head, looking for answers.

That’s how the Self-Discovery Bundle was born.

This collection of journaling workbooks is exactly what I wish I’d found when I was starting my journey.

Getting unstuck wasn’t easy, but I went through pages and pages of journaling and hours of stream of consciousness, so you don’t have to.

If you’re just starting to realize you’re not where you want to be, you’ve tried journaling and liked it; then the Self-Discovery Bundle is what you need.

It doesn’t get easier than this. Trust me.


How does this work?

It’s super simple.

Just click the buy button, and a pop-up will appear. Complete your purchase, and within seconds, you’ll be able to download all seven workbooks, model workbooks, and the roadmap.

How long do I have to wait to get it?

Going from clicking the button to downloading all your files will take you less than 2 minutes, depending on your internet speed, of course.

What if I don’t fill the whole thing out?

Well, ideally, you’ll want to fill the whole Bundle.

There’s a clear intention behind every single prompt you’ll find in the workbooks.

However, I want you to trust your gut.

Flow with it and find your own pace.

But whatever you do, there’s no “failing” here. If you fall behind, you can always pick up where you left off.

How am I supposed to fill out over 100 journaling prompts? That’s a lot!

Getting unstuck in life and figuring out what you want isn’t an overnight process.

It takes time to be 100% honest and let the answers sink in.

You can fill out one journal prompt a day and kill two birds with a stone:

  1. You’ll build the journaling habit, which is fantastic for your self-growth and mental health
  2. You won’t rush into it. That’ll make having new ideas and coming to terms with what you want easier. Plus, it’ll make the results more durable.

The Self-Discovery Bundle isn’t just about self-discovery.

It’s also about consistency, self-care, and honoring yourself and your needs.

Is the Self-Discovery Bundle right for you?

The Self-Discovery Bundle is perfect for you if you’re starting to realize you don’t love your life as it is right now.

No matter your age, gender, or how long you’ve been stuck in life.

Give these journaling workbooks a shot if you recently started noticing you want a change but don’t know what you want to do next or where to start.


Filling out these journaling prompts will give you the sense of direction you’re craving.

Once you download the Self-Discovery Bundle, get yourself a cup of your favorite tea, open up the first page and start writing.

You deserve to dedicate 5-15 minutes to yourself every day to know yourself better and honor what you want.

Journaling, as I always put it, is high-quality self-care.

The kind of self-care you need when you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and overall not so great.