10 Little Things to Do When You Don’t Want to Do Anything


I don’t feel like doing anything” may sound like pure laziness to some people, but in reality, it could be so much more than that.

Have you ever felt like there’s nothing on Earth you feel like doing? I certainly have.

And it’s very frustrating.

When I feel like this, I usually ask myself, “Ok, so what do I want to do? Do I want to [place usually enjoyable activity here]?” and then get even sadder when the answer is no.

I know what it’s like to feel unbearably lazy and unmotivated.

For the most part, I have no problem focusing on what I’m doing and getting everything on my to-do list done.

But some days, I just can’t sit at my desk for more than 10 minutes straight.

I felt sleepy all the time.



Even though I love what I do for a living, I love my business, and my goals excite me.

You see, sometimes, a lack of motivation doesn’t come from a lack of vision, dreams, or goals.

Sometimes you’re just tired.

Sometimes, no matter how much you believe in the power of your dreams, feelings of despair take over.

And I believe this is perfectly natural.

In this post, you’ll find ten things that’ll help you feel better when you don’t feel like doing anything, but at the same time, you want to feel better and keep crushing your goals.

No matter how much of a visionary you are at the bottom of your heart, you can have days like these too.

10 Helpful Things To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

1. Dress the part

The way you dress can have a massive impact on how you feel, especially on days when you feel like there’s nothing you want to do.

Take a shower early in the morning and put on “working” clothes.

If you work from home, this can mean leggings and a cute shirt or blouse, but definitely not your pajamas.

I’ve realized that wearing the same thing I wore to go to bed makes me want to go to bed again.

So, the next time you feel sleepy or unmotivated when working from home, try this out.

Put on some makeup and do your hair if you’re into that kind of thing.

I promise you’ll feel better.

2. Count your blessings

On days like these, it’s easy to get sucked up into the negativity black hole.

That’s why it’s a great idea to practice gratitude journaling.

Grab pen and paper and make a list of at least three things you’re grateful for.

Realizing how blessed you are should never make you feel guilty about feeling down from time to time.

This tip isn’t about telling yourself you have no right to feel sad or anxious because you’re so lucky…


This is about giving your mood a boost (because making a gratitude list can boost your mood) and helping you feel like yourself again.

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3. Celebrate your victories (even the small ones)

You may start thinking you don’t deserve what you want in life because you’re not working for it every single second of the day.

In my case, if I feel tired for a couple of days or if I’m not as productive as I would like to be, to me, that means I’m not “earning” it.

However, when I take a moment to look back and see how much I’ve worked for my goals and all victories (of every size) I’ve had, I feel better.

Try it out.

Make a list of your victories, of all the goals you’ve achieved, of the good habits you’ve cultivated.

Think about the days when you gave it all you got.

Notice how far you’ve come.

4. Practice journaling and organize your thoughts

Grab a notebook and a pen, set a timer for 10 minutes, and write your heart out. Practicing journaling is my #1 way to figure out what’s going on and get over it.

Be honest with yourself and find out why you’re feeling so unmotivated.

There’s always a reason behind our discomfort.

Dig deep and find out what’s making you feel like this.

Are you tired physically or mentally? Have you been getting enough sleep and water lately?

Do you feel anxious? Are you procrastinating on something?

If you’re new to journaling, you can start with guided prompts to make it easier.

Ask yourself simple questions like:

  • how do I feel today?
  • What do I feel like doing today?
  • Have I ever felt like this before?

Write down the answers in your journal, and remember: be honest.

Look around you and identify what you like and what you don’t about your environment.

For example, in my case, when my house’s a mess, I tend to feel more overwhelmed and unmotivated.

Could that be happening to you as well?

5. Practice self-care

Nowadays, self-care has become a huge thing all over the Internet, and it comes as no surprise: it’s all about making ourselves a priority in our own lives.

This can be great to recharge batteries and get ready to crush your goals again.

However, don’t confuse self-care with wild self-indulgence.

Activities that can make you feel good but aren’t healthy don’t qualify as self-care activities.

Look at it this way: self-care is more “parenting yourself” and less “treating yourself.”

Instead of eating pizza all day, every day, devote your time to high-quality self-care like:

  • journaling,
  • developing and following a good morning routine,
  • taking care of your environment,
  • spending an hour or two a day to learn something new and valuable,
  • working out,
  • cooking healthy meals,
  • taking care of your skin and hair,
  • reading books that can help you face your challenges.

6. Feed your mind

Read memoirs written by remarkable people you admire, watch inspirational videos on YouTube, or enroll in an online class about a topic you like.

Moments like these are when you need inspiration the most.

So, get out there and learn something new.

7. Get good sleep

If you’re feeling exhausted, your body is trying to tell you something.

Maybe you’re just that: tired.

It’s essential to listen to your body all the time, but especially when you don’t feel like doing anything.

Avoid caffeine and sugar at all costs, so whenever it’s time to go to bed, your body is ready to relax and rest.

Be aware of your sleeping patterns.

If sleeping is the only thing you feel like doing for too many days in a row, you may be using it unconsciously to avoid reality.

So, give your body what it needs and get a good and healthy amount of high-quality sleep.

8. Meditate

Meditation helps you see your life from a new perspective.

Besides, it helps you increase your awareness, which may help you see clearly what’s going on inside your mind and why you’ve been feeling like this lately.

Practice sitting still for 5-10 minutes while listening to meditation music or guided meditations.

9. Exercise

I know, I know. You don’t feel like doing ANYTHING.

You don’t even feel like talking to people you like, so why would you want to get uncomfortable working out?

Well, in case you haven’t heard, exercise can make you feel happier and increase your energy levels.

Plus, it can help you clear your mind.

On days when I’m feeling anxious, bored, uninterested in life, or plain unmotivated to do anything, exercise becomes the lifesaver I hold on to.

Exercise has saved me from anxiety so many times, and I have so much faith in it that I take my not wanting to go as a sign that I ABSOLUTELY need to go.

You don’t need to do anything extreme.

Go for a walk to a nearby park, take dance classes, or practice yoga with YouTube videos.

10. Nurture your body with high-quality food

This one’s particularly crucial for me because I usually don’t feel like cooking when I’m having a bad day.

When I feel unmotivated, my mind goes blank, and I just can’t think of anything tasty I’d like to make or eat.

Does that happen to you too?

When bad days strike, look for easy and healthy recipes on Pinterest or YouTube.

Eat your veggies and fruits, and don’t forget to drink tons of water.

You’re already feeling low mentally and emotionally; why would you want to feel bad physically as well?

Take care of the only place you have to live in, your body, and it’ll be easier for the rest to follow.


You may believe this feeling is not going to leave your body EVER. But, don’t be fooled.

Absolutely everything in this world is temporary.

Keep in mind this, too, shall pass.

You got this.

Take care of yourself, no matter what.

And remember, you don’t have to suffer alone.

Talk to a friend or a family member or, if you don’t find anyone around you who could understand, turn to kind strangers on the Internet like the ones you’ll find on Kind Voice.

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