40 Daily Check-in Journal Prompts For Self Growth


In this post, you’ll find a list of daily check-in journal prompts you can use at the end of the day to relax, unwind, sleep better and become the best version of yourself.

Journaling at the beginning of the day can energize you and give you clarity of mind to get you ready to face the day, but what about daily check-in journal prompts to use at the end of the day?

I love starting my day off by journaling for 5 or 10 minutes; it helps me know myself better, improve my productivity and think smarter.

But lately, I’ve gotten into the habit of journaling on Grid Diary right after dinner.

Because I haven’t slept that well in a while, and I’m sick of it, I started doing things to improve my sleep quality.

And one of those things was, of course, journaling.

I knew for sure that journaling before bed would improve my sleep. And I was right.

Since I started building this habit to reflect on my day, I’ve not only slept better but also improved things about myself that I didn’t like, like my habit of blowing up at people when I’m under pressure.

On top of that, I’ve practiced more self-compassion.

Thinking about what I did wrong each day hasn’t filled me with guilt; on the contrary, it liberates me, and it’s helped me understand myself better so I can become the best version of myself.

Grid Diary offers many journaling prompts to check in with yourself every day, week, month, and year.

But I’ve also come up with my own, and I want to share them with you because I know you’ll benefit from using them as much as I have.

In this post, you’ll find 40 daily writing prompts to check in with yourself at the end of each day so you can ease anxiety, feel happier, grow as a person, and, as a delightful bonus, sleep better.

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40 Daily Check-in Journal Prompts

These writing prompts for beginners will help you reflect on your day right before you go to bed.

Try them out and notice how your perspective changes the next day.

Chances are, you’ll feel more:

  • inspired
  • decisive
  • fulfilled
  • organized
  • purposeful

Even after your very first day, as long as you answer these questions with honesty and transparency.

  1. What can I do better tomorrow?
  2. Which bad habit did I practice today?
  3. Which good habit did I practice today that I’d like to continue practicing?
  4. 3 things I’m grateful for today
  5. What did I do today to take care of myself?
  6. What did I do today to improve my relationship with someone I love?
  7. What made me smile today?
  8. A memory of today I’d like to remember forever
  9. Something I’m proud of is…
  10. Something I did today to take care of my body was…
  11. Who did I help today?
  12. What can I do for another person tomorrow?
  13. What did I do today to prioritize my mental health?
  14. What did I do today to cope with stress/anxiety?
  15. What did I do today to take care of my home?
  16. Something I need to let go of is…
  17. Which action did I take today that will take me closer to my goals?
  18. What did I do today to bring more joy into my life?
  19. In a word, how would I describe my mental state of the day?
  20. What do I need to do to feel healthier?
  21. This time next year, I want to…
  22. A memory that made me smile today was…
  23. What can I do tomorrow to show myself love?
  24. What do I love the most about someone I love?
  25. What would I like to do to unwind by the end of the day?
  26. What did I do today to stand up for myself?
  27. What am I doing to achieve my biggest dreams?
  28. How close to living my dream life do I feel?
  29. What am I doing every day that’s making me unhappy?
  30. Am I making progress?
  31. How did I practice positive self-talk today?
  32. What did I do today to motivate and inspire myself?
  33. What’s bothering me?
  34. What’s something I need to say out loud but don’t have the courage to yet?
  35. What’s my #1 priority right now?
  36. What excuses did I make today?
  37. What thought made me feel anxious today?
  38. How do I feel about my work/life balance?
  39. What did I do out of resentment today?
  40. What did I do today to express what I really feel and think?

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