5 Ted Talks to Watch if You Feel Lost in Life


Here are five amazing Ted Talks to watch if you have no idea what to do with your life or if you hate your job.

At 28 and with a degree, after having spent seven years in college and five years working as a freelancer, I’ve finally admitted that I don’t like what I do.

Nothing personal against my profession or peers. I just feel that being a translator already gave me what it had in store for me.

Although admitting this harsh truth was liberating, it also left me wondering what the hell I’d like to do then.

This has been a key milestone in my self-discovery journey.

I believe I kept trying to ignore that I don’t feel fulfilled with what I do for years, but now that I look at it, I realize it had always been in front of my eyes.

If you feel like this too, and don’t know where to start, then I highly recommend you check out these five essential Ted Talks about changing careers.

These people know what they’re talking about, and they provide incredibly helpful insight about this topic that affects more people than you think.

These 5 Ted Talks helped me a lot, so I’m listing them for you along with the key lessons I got from them!

5 Ted Talks to Watch if You Have No Idea What to Do With Your Life

Find your dream job without ever looking at your resume | Laura Berman Fortgang | TEDxBocaRaton

Laura Berman Fortgang (author, speaker, and career coach) says that for most people, to be happy with the work we do means

  • to be engaged while doing it,
  • to have mastery over the subject,
  • and to know that what we’re doing matters more than the money we get from it.

She makes an interesting point when she talks about how your resume, the jobs you’ve had, your accomplishments so far, and the qualifications you’ve earned, are only a part of your equation.

Check out Laura’s Ted Talk to get to understand yourself and your story a little better and, hopefully, move in the right direction.

How to Change Careers When You’re Lost | Felicia Ricci | TEDxYale

Felicia Ricci talks about how important it is to keep revising your life so you can shape your reality. There is no final draft.

To feel fulfilled, you certainly can’t expect life and “destiny” just to take you there; you need to take action yourself.

And to take the “right” set of steps to get there, you need to keep revising your life to see if you need to make (big or small) changes.

Felicia shares three tips for revising your life:

  1. Ignore the odds
  2. Embrace the fear aspect
  3. Don’t decide by thinking; decide by doing.

I highly encourage you to check out her Ted talk and apply her advice.

Refusing to Settle: The Quarter-Life Crisis | Adam “Smiley” Poswolsky | TEDxYouth@MileHigh

Adam “Smiley” Poswolsky speaks about our valuable generation. A generation that’s everything but “lazy.”

Key lessons from this TED talk:

Surround yourself with people who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Find people who keep you accountable.

[bctt tweet=”Surround yourself with people who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” username=”aimlief”]

Stop comparing yourself to others and start doing what is meaningful to you.

Easier said than done, but he’s right about this one.

You need to find work you have a personal connection with.

Start hustling with intention and purpose.

Make the ask! Don’t let being a beginner stop you.

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How to find and do work you love | Scott Dinsmore | TEDxGoldenGatePark (2D)

Scott Dinsmore (RIP) noticed three simple things that all passionate world-changers have in common:

  1. You have to become a self-expert. Be the best at understanding yourself. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’re never going to find it. Ask yourself:
    1. What are those things you wake up loving to do?
    2. What’s your framework to make decisions? What are your values?
    3. What are you learning from your experiences? What would you repeat? Where did you fail? And why?
  2. Do the impossible. Push your limits.
  3. Surround yourself with the right people.

Don’t find a job, find a mission | Celeste Headlee | TEDxAugusta

Don’t quit your job until you’ve found another one.

Try stuff out.

Become a volunteer or freelancer.

Work on things in your free time that aren’t related to your degree or the job you already have.

You don’t know what you like until you try it.

Don’t be fooled by how jobs look from the outside.

Get involved with it somehow, and then you can understand what it is about.

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